A walk across the street

March 29, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a warmer day, in the fall of 2010 and we had an early dissmissal from school. All of my friends and I went out for a nice lunch because they weren’t serving luch at school. On our walk back towards our houses, the group shrunk because we all took different routes home. As we came upon the Sunoco on the corner of Eagle Road and West Chester Pike, there were five of us. Being the stupid eighth graders we were, we decided not to cross at the light. We got across the one side of the road and were waiting on the median for clearance on the other side. The street light turned red so we darted for the M&T Bank across the street. Befor me was two people and, and behind me were two people, I was right in the center of the group. In the far lane was a big long school bus that was blocking our view of the shoulder of the road. Without thought, we kept moving across the street in a jog type fashion. Coming up the shoulder of the road was a speeding silver Saturn. Befor I could blink, one of my friends was up and over the car laying in the street in pain and the over got his leg ran over in pretty much the same position. After hearing just about every curse word I knew at the time, I stood speechless. We were confused, and didn’t no what to do with ourselves. The Police came followed by ambulances, and other emergency vehicles. A cop informed us that our friends were going to be taken to CHOP by helicopter. After answering what seemed to be like three thousand questions, I called my parents who had heard already. They could not bleive that it was my friends that they were talking about. The cops told us itd be best to leave and we headed to my house. When we got there, one of my friends went on facebook to see all different kinds of posts concerning the situation. We were happy that people cared for our friends. One thing ill never forget, was how many tmes I had to repeat the story that week. It was pretty scary knowin g that if I had been a second faster, id be joining my friends in the hospital. In the end, only one of them was severly injured, and had to get screws in his arms and legs and the other came out with a minor concussion. Ill never forget this day…

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