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March 26, 2012
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A guy can be a father. But it takes a real man to deserve the right to be called Daddy. My dad has earned that right. He has been there and taken care of me when he could have just walked away during those tough times. I love him with all my heart and I don’t know who I would be if I didn’t have him. No matter what guy comes into my life, my daddy will always be my number one. I have always called him daddy even though it is what children call the dads. I am not a child but I have my reasons. It is away to show my dad that I will always be his little girl. I know my dad thinks I am growing up to fast. I know he loves me and I know he cares. Me and my dad have fights but I will always cherish him and all he has done for me. I have not been able to talk to my dad recently about some things because it causes tough situation and if there is one thing I hate it is to have my dad mad at me. I want so much to have my dad know I love him, that is why whenever I get the chance I tell him I love you and give him a hug. I want him to know that I will always be his little girl no matter where my life takes me. No matter where I go, I will always know where I come from. I will always remember laughing on the lakeside waiting for the fish to bite. I will remember sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows for s’mores and telling jokes. I will remember all goofy moments we have had.

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