To My Best Friend

March 21, 2012
By TheDuck GOLD, Braselton, Georgia
TheDuck GOLD, Braselton, Georgia
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To my best friend,

I have to tell you thank you for telling me everything, including all my flaws even though it hurt my feelings. That time I mentioned I didn’t like how I looked and your answer started, “No offense” when you know you are about to insult me anyways. That hurt. I wanted to thank you for always being there and listening to my problems even though you made it more about you. You have always been by my side if it benefitted you. It feels like we have been best friends forever so it’s okay to drift apart. When you became my friend, I didn’t need anyone else, which only hurt everyone else. We have had so many great times and just as many horrible ones.

You tell me everything except what you leave out. Do you remember when we went on that roller coaster and you cursed like a sailor? That was one of the best times we’ve ever had. How could you ever forget what happened on that trip? I thought you ditched your terrible boyfriend for good to move on to date our new best friend. That was a wonderful time.

You later broke up with that friend and dated that awful guy again and again leaving shattered promises, promises you had made to me, in your wake. That was a bad time. You were sad and angry and I didn’t know how to react to this new you. No one did. We still don’t.

We started up a new hobby, a band. Let’s face it. It’s not going anywhere. We have had a couple meetings, thrown some ideas around, hung flyers, but I’m worried nothing’s going to happen. Another thing, we need a bass player, if you hadn’t dated one of the best in the school we might have had one. Let’s face it. You are in the band because you are my friend. We can’t use the instrument you play and we already have a singer. Maybe it’ll pick up later.

You are so easily offended. I can’t talk to you anymore. You are one of the few people I can tell things to. You laugh at me about my choice of guys (only one if you think about it) and poke fun like you have a right with your track record. Give me a fluffin’ break. I laugh along. Thanks for being such a great friend. Some of my other friends are probably nicer and better for me. Let’s be honest. I appreciate it. I may be moving away next year, but we will still be like peanut butter and jelly or maybe we will never talk again like you predicted, hurting my feeling once more. You are truly a best friend.
Your best friend.

The author's comments:
Some parts were crossed out ala Every Me, Every You (David Levithan). All of it is absolutely true.

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Lia692 said...
on Mar. 28 2012 at 7:49 am
Lia692, Spokane, Washington
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"Life should be viewed from afar and lived from close up."

Amazingly interesting and honest. I like the contradictions and the "You always do this, except when you don't."


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