March 1, 2012
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I didn’t even see the bee. I sort of remember something hitting me in the head but then it was gone. I thought a leaf or something had just fallen and hit me. I just felt like I got a really big headache, almost like a migraine, so I went inside and there was this red lump on my temple.

I always thought of bees as the lady that gives you a shot when you’re 5 and you always say, “mommy, mommy I don’t like that lady, she poked me”. I was wrong. Without them there would be no honey! The black and yellow stripes of the bees are perfectly straight. Like a zebra’s stripes but yellow and not white. Did you know that when a bumblebee flies, it equals the same thing as me or you picking up an SUV? I learned that last year.

Over the summer I also saw a black and white bee that was scary. I wonder if that is the kind of bee that stung me. It was black, white and evil looking. I used to think of a bee as a plump, squishy speck in the world. But after that one stung me, I think of them as fat, mean looking things. That is sort of what they look like though?

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