An Unexpected Guest

March 20, 2012
By brigidm03 SILVER, Hinsdale, Illinois
brigidm03 SILVER, Hinsdale, Illinois
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It was a special occasion. My best friend, Katie was turning 4. She was having a princess tea party with dress up, dolls, and lots of giggling. I was super excited. Even though the party wasn’t until noon, I woke up bright and early to get ready, getting my parents up too. I put on my favorite Cinderalla dress and tiara, and was ready to go my 7:00am. The dress was blue and sparkly and the tiara was covered with pink jewels. I tried to put my hair in a bun like Cinderella, but it didn’t turn out so well. It was a lopsided bunch of hair with pieces falling out. I thought it was perfect and left it anyways.

By 8:00, I was eating breakfast. I practiced my “princess” manners; talking about dresses, saying please and thank you, and putting my pinky up when holding something. I didn’t quite understand why my mom was laughing and my dad had a video camera. I thought she was being princess-like too and he was taking pictures because I looked to beautiful. I was wrong.

Within minutes I forgot my princess manners and was running around the house like any other 4 year old. I played with my toys for hours, and then it was time to go. I ran outside, jumped in the car, and was ready to go. My mom hopped in but soon realized she forgot the present. We both walked inside and grabbed it.

Once we arrived at her house, I rang the doorbell and curtsied as it opened. I walked in the house to a long table decorated with pink flowers and plates. I sat down and talked to Katie, being the first one there. Pretty soon, everyone else arrived and the tea party began. My mom stayed and talked to Katie’s mom for a while and watched the tea party. It was a blast.

About halfway through the tea party, the doorbell rang. All of the guests had already arrived, so we didn’t know who it was. Katie opened the door and I saw my older brother standing there. “I’m hungry,” he said. Everyone laughed and my mom gave him some food. A chair was pulled up and he joined the tea party.

He had climbed in the trunk of our car when we ran inside to grab the present. Neither of us noticed and he sat there for an hour while we were at the tea party. Now, I’m not surprised. He has always been sneaky.

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