Secret Place

March 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Every kid dreams of having a secret room or secret closet in their house—a secret getaway that only they can go to in order to escape the world(or their parents) for a while. For a kid secret rooms have some sort of magic and mystery about them that make it intriguing and exciting. Children would spend hours in rooms they believed they were the only ones to know about, even if it was just to hide from siblings or mom and dad. Even if they didn’t quite understand the ‘secret’ part of the room they would love an extra room for toys and to play that mom and dad generally wouldn’t come into.

Even now as a high school student I often wish that I had a better retreat than my room, which is often messy and not always enjoyable to be in. When facing something difficult it sometimes helps to be alone and just have time to think things through. In a big family sometimes your room is not enough, especially if you share one. Sometimes bedrooms aren’t the best place to be because they simple have too much stuff. It can be hard to concentrate and get homework done when there are so many other things in your room.

A couple weeks ago I had a dream about the house we lived in while living in Georgia. In my dream there was a door inside my closet that led to a secret room. After waking up I remembered that my dream was true! Our house in Georgia did have a secret room that I had forgotten about. I was only five or six when we moved from Georgia to South Carolina so I don’t have many memories from Georgia, and the ones I do are not very specific. After having the dream and realizing we had had a secret room I could remember more details about the room; there was a kiddy size couch and a small TV in the room.

It’s funny how something so trivial that I didn’t even remember consciously was ingrained in my head subconsciously for so many years. Perhaps it is because it was such a magical place for me as a kid, or because everyone has a desire to have a place like that to retreat to…honestly I don’t remember, I wish I could. For people of all ages secret rooms hold some sort of magic and wonder. Everyone has secrets and things that they could never share with anyone and what better place to think about them than in a secret place! And every kid deserves to have a childhood filled with magic and imaginary adventures. But more importantly everyone needs time to be alone, whether to get things done, or just to have time to think without any distractions.

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