Hey Beautiful

March 16, 2012
Hey beautiful. Yeah you. Hey. You may not know it now, but you are something special. You are something to brag about. You have something to show the world. You have it all and don’t even know it. Hey beautiful, why are you hiding in the back? Hey beautiful, do you know I look up to you? Hey beautiful, how did you get where you are? Hey doll face. How did you get to be so poise and powerful? You’re more than just beautiful; you’re strong, smart, and motivated. You work for what you want and do it for yourself. Hey beautiful, you touch people’s lives and don’t even realize the impact made on them. Taking an idea and running with it is one of the major crimes you commit. You aren’t afraid of what others will think. If they don’t like it, fine. You don’t care because you know you are going to be on top in the end. As you’re running with your creative mind, you take every situation and deal with it. No matter what damage the conflict created you take it in and deal with it the way we all should. Hey beautiful don’t let others bring you down. Hey you…yeah the one that’s reading this you make me smile when you don’t even try. Hey you. Start taking credit for what you’ve worked for and let people know how much time, strength, and effort you put into it. Hey beautiful, talented, brilliant person, sit back and take it in. Take one second and look how far you’ve come. For once just enjoy the moment without thinking about the future. If you don’t appreciate the now the future won’t be worth it. You’ve heard people say that you can’t make it out there and you won’t amount to anything. Hey beautiful, I always knew you could. Hey beautiful keep doing what makes you happy. Just don’t forget where you came from and never underestimate what the beautiful you can do.

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