March 13, 2012
By Udal1993 SILVER, Willimantic, Connecticut
Udal1993 SILVER, Willimantic, Connecticut
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"Do I Dare Disturb The Universe?"

Life, in a sense, is a mystery. We hardly know what we want, and if we do, we do not know how to get it. For those that do, they are the lucky ones, while we, the confused and the lost, watch and wonder when we will see luck or a path through our confusion. We may never see it, but we continue to hope and prey. Maybe the hoping and the preying is what truly keeps us going.

We do what we want, but under the eyes of others. Even though we do not know it, we try to do what they want. We are THEM. That is why we are confused. We are not ourselves. We are turning into THEM. We live not for us. Even I am becoming one of THEM. And I am close to fucking losing my mind. All I hear is what is best for me, what I should do, what they think I should be. And it's a load of s***. THEY do not know us. THEY do not know what we are meant to do in life. Only WE know this.

Like everyone else, I am lost. I am confused. Emotionally and physically. I do not know where to go. I know where I should go, but is it THEIR thoughts or mine? Is what I want what I want or what THEY want?

THEY mess with us and manipulate us because THEY know we can and THEY know we will not fight back. THEY watch us squirm around in life as we try to figure out our own path, while THEY throw THEIR demands on how to get us through, and we have no choice but to listen. But not anymore.

We are not worms in the ground, trying to tunnel our way out or a person in a casket underground. We can find OUR way out. WE can live. WE can be OURSELVES once more. This is what we are meant to do in life. That is our goal, our greatest achievement, the prize after a childhood of being spat on and being steered in directions that are not our own. WE are US. Is that not good enough?

When are you gonna be YOU and not a THEM?

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