A letter for you

March 19, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Izzy,
I know you screwed up.

You can apologize all you want for what was done, that doesn’t make it go away. You lost a lot by doing what you did. Your internship, your grades and most importantly, all of your friends trust.

You should be happy that you only got suspended. The girl who made you do that got expelled, and I am so glad. She was a bad influence on you, and she was perfectly okay with it. She told me to calm down when I freaked out. She already knew that the clouds were rolling in and she didn’t feel complied to share it with the rest of us.

In the week that you got suspended, it was a dark, dark week for all of us. You are the center of our circle, the points in which our worlds revolve. I just wish that you were there.

The week you were gone, a lot of stuff went down. Lea finally asked Kenan out on a formal date, Patty got her ears pierced, Alison made the cheerleading squad and Courtny finally put down her book and paid attention in class.

I for one, got dumped by my jerk boyfriend. And then, someone important asked me out. Someone, involved in something that only you understand. And you weren’t there to help me when I felt so lost.

You should have known…

The author's comments:
A friend of mine made a bad decision. The one decision spiraled everything else out of control..

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