The Big Change

March 16, 2012
By Hiphopqueen SILVER, Northampton, Massachusetts
Hiphopqueen SILVER, Northampton, Massachusetts
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From “criss-cross apple sauce” to “get to get to class” middle school
is whole different experience. During elementary school everything is
fun and games. You never think about clothes, grades, or other
people’s opinions. Once you get to middle school everything changes,
its drama, drama, drama, who’s dating who, who’s fighting after school
and who’s getting high this weekend. When you walking into middle
school for the first time it’s an eye opener, like releasing a
butterfly into the wild, a whole new world.

In elementary school you don’t care what other people think about you.
Trends haven’t started yet. Whether you’re wearing hand me downs or a
brand new outfit you just wore what was comfortable. During the summer
you wore athletic shorts and roomy T-shirt. And in the winter it was
either sweat pants or jeans and a baggy sweat shirt. I never thought
that middle school would be such a change not only with clothing
trends but with friendship, clicks and pressure to do well in school.
In middle school fashion and trends are everything. You had to be
wearing the best new kicks or you don’t fit in.
Middle school is just a long three years of trying to dress to impress. Girls clothing started to get tighter and tighter, shorts started to get shorter and
shorter and shirts started to go lower and lower. Even though most
kids where trying to fit in there were still the few left who didn’t
care what people thought. Those kids will probably go the farthest in
life. The ones who only thought about other people’s opinions and cared too much about themselves will end up working for the people who stayed true to them selves.
In elementary school other people’s opinions didn’t matter. Yeah there
was always that kid who maybe had a few extra pounds on them or the
other kid who looked like they haven’t eaten in weeks but no one cared.
Anyone who wanted could fit in and play kick ball or swing on the
swings with any group of people. Once you got to know your class then
it turned into a big family in which you could share anything with
them. In the beginning of elementary school between the grades of K-4
everyone was friends but once fifth grade comes around you start to
form groups of friends but its nothing compared to middle school.
In middle school people started to get self conscious of what other
people thought of them. Putting on clothes in the morning was like a
war with your mirror every morning. Your afraid what people would
think and say about you. What kids don’t know is that it all changes in high school. There aren’t the "cool kids" and "nerds" any more. You find your group of people you get along with and they will just accept you as you are.
Elementary school is a way better experience then middle school not only because the work is 10 times easier but also because you are protected from what your about to experience. I'm not saying that your whole middle school carrier is ruined because of the pressure to look good but it has a huge impact on most kids these days. From "criss-cross apple sauce" to "get to class" middle school will never be the game as Elementary school.

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