Pushed Down

March 13, 2012
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You know that feeling the one were you feel as if your about to give up on every thing mostly your life. The feeling of depression. Many teens go through that and the only way to stop it is to think about all of the positive thing in your life, like when you learned to ride a bike or flew your first kite, those were good things in your life, but most teens usually notice the bad things in life like break ups, arguments, disagreements. Those are all negative and they don't have to be they shouldn't be but some times the person going through something like that just don't care and they in close themselves in a box tightly compact with nothing but them and their feelings. We don't know what goes through their head but many of us have suffered through this and know what it feels like. HORRIBLE that is the feeling, like some one is taking the life out of you slowly one breathe at a time, but you don't care your focused on the pain, the hurt. Their box that they compact themselves in is a shield, a shield from letting others in, so they push them away. Like a child rejecting ice cream, they don't want people to notice their pain. Why do they do this? Why do WE do this? the question have multiple answers but each and everyone of them are different, not one same person knows why. Some say their just teenagers all of them go through it or it's just a stage they'll get over it. Well for those who say that it's not a stage and not all teenagers go through it, it's different with every one. But it happens and there is no way we can stop it, it arrives unnoticed until it hits you with a *SMACK* in the face.

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