March 12, 2012
By TheBrownestBear BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
TheBrownestBear BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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The afternoon at elementary school was the most fun time of the day. The afternoon was meant it was time for recess. The afternoon is also the most interesting time of the day. Recess is the time that all the kids look forward to when they go to elementary school.

Recess was a break from sitting in the classrooms and learning. Recess was a time for sports and games outside. Recess was mostly about having fun though. Also about making friends and creating relationships.

Before recess starts, all the kids are patiently waiting in the classroom for the bell to dismiss them to recess. You can almost feel the excitement for recess to begin. Right when the bell rings and the kids are dismissed all the kids come running out of the classroom. It looks as if the kids are running from a burning building when they come out of the school.

When all the kids are out of the building, kids start to meet with their other friends. It's usually easy to see all the different groups of kids. Most different groups are playing different games and scattered throughout the playgrounds and grass area. For example I was usually with my friends playing Four Square.

Recess is a nice, refreshing break from the classrooms. As recess comes closer to an end, the feel is a lot less excited and a lot more calm. Usually in the beginning kids are running around but near the end kids have run out of energy and start slowing down.

When recess is ending the bell rings for all the kids to come back and gather back into their classrooms. By this time recess is more lazy and lethargic. The ending of recess is the complete opposite of the beginning and is a depressing time.

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