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March 12, 2012
By Sandee BRONZE, LAS VEGAS, Nevada
Sandee BRONZE, LAS VEGAS, Nevada
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Violins are finely made string instruments from the orchestra group. Although I have a vague memory on how to even play the violin now. During fourth grade, I took provided lessons at school learning how to play the violin. I had no knowledge on playing the violin; I practically blind picked the instrument. Ms.Clayson was our strict music teacher. She was a stern teacher, but effective. Choosing to participate that class was a choice, you had to skip a part of your regular class to attend the music lessons. I was interested, and willing to be in the music class. We had several choices, picking from between violin, viola, bass, and cello. I chose the violin. At the time, I did not have a violin, so I borrowed it from another friend. The instrument was shiny and filled with enthusiasm. The four strings were beautifully tuned as I plucked on it, from the thickest string to the thinnest string. I was amazed on how nicely it was made. Although completely befuddled of the subject on violin, I definitely couldn’t wait. When I picked up the bow and slid it across the strings, what horrendous noise it cried. I was thrilled to be taking lessons.

The moment I walked into the classroom, the teacher greeted us with a warm welcoming smile. I had the violin case tucked beneath my fingers. As other students made their way into the classroom, the teacher instructed us to take out our instruments from the case and place the case on the nearby table. Finally at least 20 of us were seated on the cold metal chairs. In front of us were music stands, also metal. I observed every speck in this room, few tables to the left, cabinets to the right and chairs in the center. Very basic. The teacher finally spoke, and told us her name, in which I exactly remembered she said, “I am Ms.Clayson, clay as in Playdoh, then son, Clayson.” I stared at my instrument; I stared around the room as I pondered, “How will I ever learn how to play this, it looks way too complex.”

I skipped half of my class every Wednesday, just to be at the lessons. As weeks and weeks, I progressed into learning how to play the violin. I doubted myself in the beginning, I couldn’t say I was an expert now, but for a beginner, I was very concentrated and getting there. Many weeks into violin playing, we had a concert to attend. Only this one was different, not everyone in the class was able to go. Ms.Clayson selected the students that were at least decent at the violin and to my surprise, I was chosen. Now this time, it was challenging, we had to learn two piece of music in about a time span of 2 weeks. After practice and practice, I can finally brag that I got this all down. The night of the concert, I was not at all trembling whatsoever. Especially the fact, I am not the only one playing. The whole auditorium consists of approximately 400 people, including the people up on the stage. We all began with the first song, after several minutes, we started playing the second song. The cheers, the applause, and the audience gesticulated wildly.

Soon there was a school talent show, me and my friend auditioned for it. We played the same song as we did in the concert. I was fascinated that I got in, and we both played in front of a big sea of people. Not going to lie, I thought I didn’t do as good in the talent show as we did in the audition. I was sweating and jittery the moment I jumbled up on the notes in front of the crowds of people, yet I casually pulled it off. I was felt relieved to be off the stage.

Everything is just a memory now. After I finished 4th grade, I moved to Las Vegas. I had to return my violin to the rightful owner. Never did I touch a violin again. Although I did buy a violin, which was pointless because I bought it after I utterly forgot how to even play a violin. By now, I have completely forgotten the knowledge of even playing a violin. I was so eager to learn the violin again.

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