I am a Barbie Girl.

March 12, 2012
By Kristen Canlas BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Kristen Canlas BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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When I was a young girl, I wanted anything, everything that contained the word "Barbie" in it. From the fabulous clothes, to the dolls. For five or six year old girls, you had to have something Barbie. Now that I am older, I did drift away from the frenzy of having Barbie products. However no matter what, I will always be a Barbie girl.

Almost every year on my birthday, I would be one of the young girls who received a Barbie doll. The Barbie doll was invented in 1959. When this fashionista doll was introduced, about 300,000 were sold. Anyone could purchase one during 1959 since she was so inexpensive. The famous name Barbie originated from Ruth Handler, creator of Barbie, from her daughter: Barbara. Throughout the years, Barbie has been an inspiration. Even Fashion designers, for example. Even, to myself.

For as much as I remember, my room was filled with everything Barbie. I had all my Barbie dolls in their decorated boxes, some were even limited edition! Barbie posters were hung all over my room, and I even owned a Barbie bed spread. For one of my birthday presents, I received a pink, Barbie bike. I also remember getting a giant Barbie head. Yes, it may sound a bit scary, but you could put make up on her, and even style Barbie's hair! I would pretend to braid, brush, and maybe even cut Barbie's synthetic blonde hair. I enjoyed playing with Barbies as a young one, however not so much today.

Since the years have past, I have grown from playing with dolls, especially Barbies. I have learned that your life may not be as perfect as Barbie. You do not need materialistic items to be happy. I am actually happier to be with the ones that I love than spend time looking at clothes and accessories (Well of course Barbie would if she was an actual human being). As the saying goes, nobody is perfect. Unless you are exactly like a plastic doll named Barbie.

Owning Barbie dolls, clothes, anything I can get my hands on, has taught me that life in plastic, is not always fantastic. Barbie can be a girl's best friend. Barbie was like a best friend to myself when I was young. Having Barbies also taught me the good in life. Even if you live in the real world, you can still have a wild imagination. According to the song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, "Imagination, life is your creation".

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