The Big Apple

March 11, 2012
After hours in stinky disgusting airports and airplanes, I finally made it into the fresh air; or so I thought. It turns out, the air wasn’t fresh at all. It smelled of exhaust and, was that gum that I just stepped in? Gross. There are so many other shoes here! And taxis. We just hopped inside an SUV taxi. It smells of feet and old cologne down here.

Now that we’re checked into our hotel and out of the smelly taxi with the too-talkative driver, it’s time to explore! New York City is a sensory overload. All I can smell are the street vendors’ food and car exhaust. There are so many other shoes here, of all kinds. It’s really a shoe melting pot. There’s boots, sandals, sneakers, flats, brown, black, white, pink, it’s shoe heaven. The sound of honking horns and people talking fills my nonexistent ears as we head lightheartedly down Broadway. I feel like I have not a care in the world, taking in all the new sights, sounds and smells. The sidewalk feels cool under my soles and I’m going at a rhythmic, easy pace. Life couldn’t get better.

Morning! It’s a bright, sunny day here in The Big Apple. We just had breakfast and now we’re off exploring the streets again. The streets here are different. They’re bumpier on my sole. Passing through one neighborhood, I can’t help but speed up a little. There’s an ominous feel here, and there are more shadows. It might be because of the tall, red bricked buildings. It could also be the increase in the number of trees here, blocking out the sunlight. I believe it to be the fact that there are less people around. After finally completing the quest through that neighborhood, I’m greatly rewarded by the sight and sounds before me. There’s a big park, with food stands all around. The sounds of people laughing and playing music drifts over me while the lilting voices of happy children penetrate my ears. There’s a man doing colorful sand art on the sidewalk, and some guys doing acrobatics on the other side of the square. Too bad we can’t stay to watch.

It’s around six in the evening now, and it’s time to head to a concert before heading home tomorrow morning! Like any concert, it was dark and loud. Unlike any other concert, it was amazing. There were seven different bands there, and they were all perfectly on key. They didn’t miss a note. Not only that, they also had intricate dance moves to go along with their songs. The floors were smooth, but shook from the bass of the speakers. The venue, Madison Square Garden, was huge, but reminded me of the Target Center back home.

I’m headed back to the airport now, but this time I’m sitting in the comfort of a suitcase. I was replaced for a pair of Uggs. I’m much cuter, but this time I don’t have to be in any stinky airports! All in all this trip was amazing, the experience of a lifetime. It was fun and made me want to never go home. Time to get back to real life now, and be stuck walking around Minnesota until I get the chance to travel again. I just hope I get to go with next time.

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