Softball Game

March 11, 2012
By Anonymous

It’s Saturday morning and my alarm clock goes off at 7 o’clock a.m. It’s game day, and I need to be at the field by 8 o’clock. I get out of bed, put my uniform on, and wake up my parents. I think about my plays and signs as a get ready.

It’s 7:30 now. I check my bag one last time, pick it up, than walk out to the car. I get in the car, and I am not thinking about anything, except the game.

I get to the field and jog over to my team. We talk for a few minutes, but once it hits 8 o’clock, we are completely focused on the game. We start out pre-game stretching, throwing, and hitting. It gets closer to game time, as we organize our equipment in the dugout. We placed all of our helmets, bats, and gloves together. We check the line-up than do our team cheer around the on deck circle.

We wait for the coin flip. Our coach turns and tells us if we are home or visitors. He yells back to us that we are home team. We grab our gloves than run onto the field.

I get to my position and start warming up the infield. We cheer each other on and get ourselves “pumped up”. We get in position as the first batter walks up to the plate. Every player is down in their ready position as the batter takes her first swing. The batter swings and hits the ball to shortstop. The shortstop fields the ball and throws it to me at first to get the out. The next batter hits a pop fly to left field and is out. The third batter hits a ground ball to right field and is safe a first. The next batter hits a solid line drive to second base, giving us three outs.

As we get our three outs, we run to the dugout. We than huddle up and run into the dugout to hit. We all got our helmets and batting gloves on as our first batter goes up to the plate. We all get on the fence and cheer for her. We yell in encouragement to her, between each pitch. She hits the third pitch. We yelled “Run! Run!” The next batter went up and struck out. Now I was up.

I walk up to the batters box and look at my coach for my sign. He told me to just hit the ball. I got my first pitch. It was high and outside. I was ready for the next pitch, and I knew it would be a strike. The ball was pitched down the middle of the plate. I swung and met the ball out in front. The ball traveled to left field. I ran and made it to second base.

The next batter hit the ball but got out at first. I made it to third and the next batter hit a pop fly to center field, it was dropped. I scored and the sixth batter struck out. We put our helmets and bats away, grabbed our gloves than ran onto the field.

The next three innings were about the same as the first. The final score was 6-3, we won. We shook hands with the other team than put all our equipment away. Outside the dugout the team meets up with our coaches to talk about the game.

Our coaches congratulate us on winning. They tell us they saw a few areas that we need to work on, but other than that they are proud of us. They say we have practice on Tuesday and they will see us there at 6:30 p.m. We all stand up and yell our team cheer. I walk to my parents, they tell me I did a great job and we leave the field to get something to eat.

In my mind, I feel really accomplished with the way I played. I feel like I did the best I could. I will carry on what I learned today to the next game and improve on what I need to during practice. Softball really gets my mind away from life and that is exactly how I felt during this game today. I am excited to play my next game in a week and do even better than I did today.

The author's comments:
Softball is my favorite thing to do. It takes my mind off reality and lets me only worry about the game.

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