A Day of Surprises

March 10, 2012
By esavin BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
esavin BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I came home from school at the usual time just like every other day in sixth grade. My mom was acting like she was trying to keep a secret from me, so I knew something wasn’t right. I couldn’t tell if she had good news or bad news. My younger brothers and sister came home from elementary school at their usual time. After waiting what felt like hours, even though it had only been about five minutes, my mom told us about these two pugs at the shelter who were looking for a new home. For years, I’ve wanted a dog. This was even better because I could have two dogs. Ever since my cousins got this little white dog, Sophie, I desperately wanted a dog. She was so sweet and always excited to see you, even if you were gone for just a few minutes. There was only one problem: My dad wanted a dog from the shelter, but he wanted a big dog, not pugs, and my mom wanted a dog from the breeder. Once my dad got home, we drove over to the shelter to meet the dogs. We made our way inside and were led to tiny room in the back of the building. The worker opened the door, and I ran into the room while everyone stayed behind me. Two adorable, fat pugs stared up at me with huge eyes. Sweeney, the boy dog, ran over to me and jumped around. He was two years old, friendly, and energetic. Tootsie on the other hand was the complete opposite of Sweeney. She just sat and waited for me to approach. She didn’t even stand up; she just sat there while I petted her. She was four years old, so she was still young. My parents still had to discuss with us if we could handle having two dogs. We decided to go talk about buying the pugs over dinner at a nearby restaurant. My dad was the only one in my family who wasn’t entirely on board with the idea of getting two dogs, but the shelter wouldn’t let us just adopt one of the dogs, we had to get both of them. After some arguing, my dad finally gave in. We left the restaurant and drove back to the shelter to pick up the pugs. Unfortunately, the medical records got all mixed up, and we couldn’t figure out their birthdays or exact ages. My dad pulled up the car, and we walked the pugs over to it. Sweeney seemed pretty wild. He ran to other people and pulled me in all different directions just to sniff the parking lot. Tootsie strolled through the parking lot at her own pace. They tried to jump into the car, but they couldn’t because of their stubby legs. I lifted Sweeney, and he was super heavy; Tootsie weighed just as much. We started the car and Sweeney jumped from seat to seat. Tootsie got a sudden burst of energy and ran around the floor and jumped up onto the seat all by herself. They whined because they were so excited. We arrived in our garage, and the pugs immediately jumped out of the car and ran to the door. I opened the door, and they busted into the house and sniffed to explored everything. It was a new environment to them, and I could tell they were ecstatic about living with us. They were worn out, and eventually both of them fell asleep at the foot of my bed. They slept there all night. It was the perfect end to a day full of surprises.

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