Story About a Girl

March 9, 2012
This is a story about a girl just wishing her life could change. She feels so empty inside, but she doesn’t know why? She’s trying to change but always facing a wall where ever she goes. So many people that loved her said this to her at the age seven year child that “She will never make it there and come on lets be real!” These same words go though her head and she can’t stop thinking about the words that people say. She can’t take it any more so she locks herself in a her room so no one can hurt her anymore, but the words keep on coming back. In years past, that little girl starts thinking how to end her life so no one will hurt her again. That sweet little girl wasn’t so little anymore and now it was the BEAST that was controlling her. The BEAST told the girl to stop planning and start doing. The little girl followed what the BEAST commanded her to do so she went around her room to find her favorite green jump rope and it was right inside her toy box with all her childhood memories. She didn’t want to remember but once as she about to pick up her jump rope, she sees a picture of her family. The girl was starting to remember her life than the BEAST just jumps out to tell the girl “You don’t remember these people that loved you that hurt you anyway this, is better for you being this person.” Then the girl turned around to see herself and what she became… Than the BEAST command the girl to choose what she wants to do with it. “It is your choice to pick what you want to do with it and you should pick it fast or else I will do it for you little girl.” The girl turns around said to the BEAST, “NO!!! BEAST, because all you what to do is to destroy my life and make your life better but it’s not go to work. You know why, I have a family that says mean things to me but deep down inside I know that they will always love me no matter what happens. So now I don’t feel empty inside and I know why because now I’m a strong person than I was. Now leave Beast, there is no more things left for you to do to me. You know Beast you’re not real, you are inside my head.” This is a message to other children in the world that are having a hard time. It’s okay, because we are going to get through this by taking it step by step. You think it’s easier to say than do, but you can do this if you believe in yourself and get some help along the way. You will be a stronger person than you are and look in a mirror to see what person you have been become.

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