March 7, 2012
By Anonymous

There is so much to look forward to in these next couple years. It is crazy to think that, as juniors, high school is over half way done. We only have about a year left here and it’s starting to hit me. Freshman year seems like it wasn’t that long ago, but so much has changed since then. High school has been a really good experience overall. As much as I am excited and looking forward to going off to college, I think I’m actually going to miss high school. It may not hit us all at the moment, but at some point it will. To some extent, this has been one of the best times of my life. Its going to be sad to leave a phase of my life that will have lasted for four years. I’ve basically grown up and changed with the people I’ve gone to school with. Chances are, we are not always going to be in contact with each other. When I look back onto these days, they will be the people I remember being important to me at one point.

High School has been really good to me. I think we are all still in the process of finding who we are, but I have at least discovered who my friends are and the kind of people I want to be around. Being a transfer student, I can take with me the experience of meeting and getting to know various walks of life. I have been introduced to many different perspectives and that continues to keep me open minded. I can say that I have learned an equal amount of life lessons and school lessons. I might not always be the perfect scholar, athlete, or friend, but I think I will come out of here a pretty well rounded person, and that has always been important to me.

I’ll remember day dreaming in class about summer’s arrival, stressing out about finals, relating my life to every Drake song, celebrating my sixteenth birthday, the unforgettable winter break of sophomore year, meeting my best friend in religion class my freshman year, the party bus on the way to homecoming, having heart to hearts in Tierra’s bright red room, having water balloon fights at night, getting caught cheating on a Mr. Castillo’s test, egging Daniel’s car, living at Vanessa’s house on the weekends, not learning anything in Spanish because I sat right in front of Toni, walking to Coffee Bean every Friday morning, the millions of sleepovers, wanting to die while taking Drivers Ed during summer school, getting in trouble with D’Arcy for talking every mass, always getting stupid detentions, being carried off the field after I broke my ankle, moving into our first house, then having to move across the country the next year. It will be hard to forget spending all my money in Brandy Melville, having bonfires at the beach, freshman orientation, busing or biking everywhere, Daisy’s birthday, being forced to do Christian Service Hours on the weekends, being there for Michele during her parents divorce, carpooling with Daniel after school, falling asleep on Vanessa’s shoulder on the road trips during last basketball season, signing everyones yearbooks, dissecting in Ms. Santana’s class, November 6th, having the need to have an amazing outfit every weekend, and getting into some trouble here and there.

College isn’t something cheap or easy to accomplish; it seems like so much to take in. Compared to high school, college seems so much bigger and even more difficult. There will be more people, more independence, more responsibility, and more at stake. We’re going to be deciding what we want to do with the rest of our lives and where we want to be in our future.

The change from high school to college feels overwhelming, but extremely exciting all at the same time. I hope I experience change and growth during those times as well. At the moment, I think I want to pursue Journalism. Based on how indecisive I am, I am sure that will change multiple times. I am nervous of not getting into the right schools, or making a bad a decision when choosing what school I want to attend. I will also have financial responsibilities for the first time and I’m scared of being irresponsible with spending. On the other hand, I am looking forward to all the people and professors I am going to meet. Living on my own has always seemed extremely exciting. It is guaranteed to be a different, but fulfilling time in my life.

At times I feel scared and anxious. What if I don’t get into the school I want to go to? What if I can’t afford it? There are so many things to take into account. On the other hand, I can’t wait to move from away home and be on my own. I can’t wait to leave all the high school times behind and actually start becoming an adult. Bottom line, it is going to be a very interesting time. Just like high school, I know it will be an unforgettable time.

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