A Single Heart Set in Two

March 7, 2012
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The girl sat listening to her own pencil tapping on the book, thinking, calculating. CLICK, CLICK, SNAP! Her homework was slowly being completed, and the TV blares. Her mother sat talking in the other room on the phone, which essentially happens every day so the girl pays no attention to her. The voice of her mother echoes loudly and bounces off a wall like a scream in a small cave. Although she tries to consistently work on her homework, the newly charged house phone calls her name softly. She wants to touch the key pads, feel them, remember their familiarity and call her best friend. She weighs her options carefully: homework or friend, homework or friend. No homework, she thinks, best friend instead.

Although she would rather choose to call her best friend rather than complete her homework, Brittany is worth the time and attention put into our friendship. At the drop of a hat, she is always the person to call with a major life problem, and even though she is very much a talker, listening is also a large strength. She’s beautifully gifted and intelligent in these areas unlike others—particularly myself—and is always there when I need her. With her eyes closed, her face is magnificently gorgeous, but even more so when she opens them. They are an unexpectedly gorgeous, crystal clear blue, big and clear, that are always envied by others. She can speak with her eyes, and tell you things that you could never hear coming from spoken words. She is a prime example of an extraordinary person. Her beautiful long, golden brown hair falls to her stomach when she lets it down. This is always a big shock for me because I can only dream of having hair that long.

“You’re something else,” I always tell her, and she is my comfort and my stability; far from what I would ever be like but always reassuring.

My best friend is one of the most comforting and stable people I have in my life. She has helped me revive myself after an eye watering episode for a teenager: a year long relationship break up. The event gave me pain that comes naturally from the heart, but Brittany never failed to be there.
As if pledging her love, Brittany was there almost a day before the event even started. We talked on the phone.
“What do I do,” I asked slowly, “He has hurt me. Why would he want to talk to this other girl? I don't deserve him anymore.”
“I know, but you cannot let this get to you. He is just being stupid and you are prettier than her anyway. And don't think for a second you don't deserve him. It's more like he doesn't deserve you.” Although this may see this as small factor within a teenager’s life, this was big to me and Brittany realized that I felt like a whole chunk of my heart was being taken out. She told me not to worry, but I worried anyway.
The next day has done little to aid my hurt. He acted strange and distant but I didn't pay much attention to it because he has acted like this occasionally. “Why are you acting like this?” I pleaded, hoping it will make him stop his attitude with me.
“I have to go to class” was the only reply I receive. This has killed me from the inside out, I am scarred. Brittany realized this and hugged me. We sit on her bed with her arm around me while my tears and sobs melted into her shirt. My boyfriend and I had broken up.
“He’s not worth it; you can easily find someone better. You are beautiful and perfect and everything in between. If he doesn’t see that then he is missing out on something great. This girl won't know what hit her by the time I'm done with her anyway.”
“Why would something like this happen?”
“Because bad things happen to good people all the time.”
Those simple words made me feel so much better. I would not be able to handle this by myself by any means. Brittany was able to be the stability and consistency in my life that I needed and the only person who can calm me down when something like this happens. Thanks to Brittany, I realize now that I have one of the best friends a person could have. She has brought many other things to life for me and proved to me that we will be friends forever.
Another time that I can bring to life quite easily is the day that I knew we would be friends forever. We were sitting in her backyard on her trampoline, a day after exhausting summer band practices. That day we shared so many secrets about one another which can only be achieved when you feel safe enough to confine in the other person. This was true friendship intimacy. We talked for hours about our lives. Things that we had never told anyone else before were being said. I felt so comfortable talking about my not-so-enjoyable life with her. This made me realize that she was not just a friend that would come in and out of my life the next day. That scorching hot day last summer made an impact on me. By confiding all those secrets with me, Brittany made it clear that she was here to stay. Days like this do not happen very often. They come once in a lifetime, if ever, to a person like myself. She proved herself to be something I craved very badly in life: a constant, always returning, and lovable person. This girl by far is the best friend I have ever had in my life.
Brittany has proven herself to be the best friend I've ever had in life. There is no greater feeling in the whole world to have a person in my life that completes me in every way. She is comparable to the flower called the pansy. Although this name is sometimes associated with being weak, I see it as being strong. The pansy may be planted in one spot, but it grows all over and always comes back. It is not required to be replanted every year, just as you don’t need to find multiple best friends every day. She is always there whenever I need her, and I cannot say this about myself. I am more like a petunia flower. It needs to be replanted every year like I need reassurance all the time. Brittany is able to be there for me and “replant” me all the time. She is the perfect medicine for my inability to stabilize myself. She is the person I look forward to seeing every day, the person whom I need approval from constantly, and most importantly the person I love forever.
She is easily the most important person I need. Brittany can be compared to water on a magnificently hot summer day. I could taste the cool water going down your dry throat. She is the only person in the world who has gained my trust enough to reveal secrets too. As friends, we have accepted the challenges that comradeship brings. We are the perfect pair. One tall and one short, one talker and one listener. Brittany has taught me the true meaning of being a friend to one another. Having the title of best friend is not just for show, but for the commitment of one another. My best friend is my world and my security. I admire her in every aspect of the word, and when I tell her that I love her, I mean every word, every time.

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