The Problem of Bagged Dinners in My School

February 29, 2012
In my school, athletes who have away games always get bagged food for dinner. The problem is, athletes only have packaged food to eat so that they will feel hungry. They cannot get enough nutrition from their bagged food. Instead of eating normal dinner in dining hall, athletes eat bagged food after away game. As a result, they cannot show their best performance in the practice of next day. The packaged food doesn’t taste good?simple sandwich and apples. They are th onlt food they can get after every game. They have eaten these two things for 3 month or even longer. Mostly, athletes don’t like packaged food because there is not enough nutrition for those students who just finished a game. Some of athletes will get “take out” to eat most of the time, but that will cost more money, and they have already paid the fees for food in their tuition.
There are some possible solutions. First, dorm parents are in each dorm. They can cook meals, so school can ask those dorm parents to cook some foods for athletes. The simplest solution can be asking the dorm parents stay longer than usual, so there are still having food services when athletes come back. My school could change the time of dinner. It is from 6:30 to 7:30, so it can make sure everyone can eat dinner on time. Also, the school can ask the league to change the schedule, schools may start the game earlier than before, so students won’t be home or school late. They will have enough time to finish their dinner. But these solutions cannot come true, because some of them will make the school or students do more work and some of them are not easy to achieve.
There are some solutions that can be achieved. First, from the basic part, my school can make the bagged food better. Athletes eat sandwiches and apples every time before. Now school can make those foods diverse, they can give athletes different kind of food every time. For example, on Monday, they can have cheeseburger and banana, on Tuesday, they will have pizza and grapes. Also, they need more vegetables, and they would like to eat some more, which means school can give them more food than usual. Second, cooks can just leave food in dinning hall, if they have to leave. After the teams come back, they can help themselves to grab some dinner. That will be easy to do.
Everyone is equal. My school needs to take responsibility to keep students be healthy. As teenagers, high school is a really important time because this is the time that they are growing both body and brain, so that means they need lots of nutrition to have a healthy body. This problem points out some gaps in school policies and management. The school has responsibility to take care of every student who is trying to win honor for their own school. High school should take more responsibility, because as an important part in life, it can change fates of people. The health is not just related to performance in academic level, but also should be in daily lives of students and it helps students to keep healthy.

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