February 28, 2012
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Sometimes, I wonder if people see me as being some sort of radical feminist. I admit, it's easy for people to judge me and classify me as misandric or generally prejudiced against them, but the truth being, I simply have a few problems with the species that is men.

They are complex, difficult and completely different to the mindset and physicality that is females. Understandably of course, I'm not wishing or hoping that they would change, I like the idea of figuring somebody out. Why on earth would you want everybody to be the same? The complication of them being of the male persuasion makes everything even more of a puzzle/adventure because sometimes boys seem almost alien to me.

Since I was a kid, I've always gotten on with guys well, and I'd say I've made good friends as a result that have passively been there in the background but always seem to emerge when something is going very wrong in my life. Girls on the other hand, I get on with because I obviously have a lot in common with them, but, for some reason, the general emotional detachment that most boys have (and no, I did not say 'ALL' boys because that would be stereoptypical and wrong) is very cool as it's exactly what I'm like for the most part.

In all honesty, I actually believe women are definately more complicated than men because as a girl myself, I don't even know what my opinions are half the time. Well, I know what they are, but they change with the same certainty the seasons of a year do, and so for this reason, having a conversation with me is potentially one of the weirdest experiences/out of body moments you will EVER have.

Whenever a guy I know starts to complain or begin 'that talk' (a session in which they require advice regarding women in their lives) with me all I do is give both sides of the arguement. There's nothing more that can be done, and there will ALWAYS be a difference in opinions or approaches to different situations when a girl and guy are involved, but such is life.

It's all about the hormones.

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