Beat Me Up

February 28, 2012
By chris1 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
chris1 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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I tripped and fell hard my hands were as red as red bell peppers and my knees were as scrapped as if someone used a grader and graded them.

Walking to school to meet my fun teacher Ms. Edison. She always lets us play board games and watch movies every Friday and raining days. It was the end of spring still it felt and looked like summer because the heat was pouring down on me like if I was in the oven. I went into class classmates everywhere the girls were wearing Shorty Shorts and the boys were wearing band shirt or white shirts. I could smell the aroma of my teachers early morning spraying of Febreze. Everyone was playing while the other classmates where watching the time till school started. The air was stiff like if I was in water walking and breathing. I felt the taste of my teachers breakfast some orange juice and some Mexican bread called “Frances” with melted cheese.

Alan was like the strongest and meanest bosses we have ever had. Nelson was a follower to Alan’s command and he also always had a green booger dangling from his nose. Now Erick he wasn’t a follower but more of a clown like me but I was funnier than him he is, actually he was like a writer because he wrote and made a comic about us called “A.I.F squad”.

We all had plans on how we will play that day in recess and lunch. We talked and talked maybe that as our plan talking.

Then Erick asked, “Let’s play freeze tag with batman style”.

We said, “Yes!!!!!!”

They right away said, “Chris you are it” I asked them if I could not be it this time. They said “Sure”. They were it and always got it, when they made a plan to try to get me. They finally tagged me, so I went crazy to get them and I tagged Alan and all of them Said, “You didn’t tag Alan”. I got so mad and found an old dirty sweater on the ground and threw it to Erick. He got mad and he chased me. I ran and ran as fast as I can. Then I looked back and all of them were running also to get me. I tripped on a bench leg and believe it hurts. My hands were as red as red bell peppers and my knees were as scrapped as if someone shredded them in a grader. When I got up they were behind me and they all tackled me down as if I was in football. Then they threw the sweater at me and tried to put it in my mouth. They also punched me in several spots. Alan was holding me as hard as an elephant. He made me get a sprained ankle and also it was bleeding too. I walked home with my brother and he asked me what happened. That moment I told him everything. When my mom came home from work. I was in my room playing a G racing game. When I got up to kiss my mom
She said, “What happened?”

Then I told her also everything. She told me to tell my teacher, so I did the next day. My teacher got mad because I need to tell her first then my mom. My mom did a conference with them and their parents and themselves. Alan, Nelson, and Alan’s mom came. My mom and I came up with an idea to not talk or play with them ever again. After that day everything was as fine as pumpkin pie. Now I see they are not the friends I need for fun or even life, They are the hatred I have already had.

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