Night Troubles

February 28, 2012
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I shut my eyes so tightly envisioning fantasies from another time. A world to center my most inner thoughts. Coming face to face with the stresses of tomorrow. Tossing and turning, waiting to fall in to a delusional estate of mind where my thoughts reign over the power of pain. One thought keeps me awake from the night’s sleep that is calling to release every ounce of stress into the days of tomorrow. Something in the back of my back of my head is keeping me from my nighttime dreams. In my settle room I pick up the old dusty book from under the horror of my bed and open the novel to read. Page after page the book descends into a complete state of boring. I throw the mangy book away from my vision. I get up off my bed and pace in silence glancing every ten seconds and waiting for the sun to emerge from the darkness of the clouds. The chirp of the birds breaks the silence and the pounding of the alarm clock opens the brisk of day. I had finally fallen to sleep. Some way, somehow the only proof I have were the tangled bed covers where I had slept and my eyes looking well- rested, preparing for a new start, a new day.

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