Lazy Days

February 28, 2012
Lazy Days are the best! Alone, but not lonely. At home, with no plans. You look out the foggy, chilled window at the rainy landscape. A shiver is sent up your spine and you take another sip of your hot chocolate. You open your thrilling book about an adventurer in the rain forest. The humid air warms your skin as a monkey flies overhead. The character continues on his quest cutting down vegetation as he goes. The thick, green vines and branches hide the creatures within. A bird crows its tune as you step into your Jeep. You drive along the precut path back onto the main road. There’s a ding. Wait, what, a dinging noise? It rings like someone just yelled in your ear, and then you smell something burning. You run to the kitchen and save the cookies from becoming ashes. You return to the den and turn on a movie. You glance outside, brrrrrrr. Lazy Days are the best!

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