What if Cinderella were ugly?

March 2, 2012
By Holly Dillon BRONZE, Maplewood, Missouri
Holly Dillon BRONZE, Maplewood, Missouri
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Do you remember that story by that guy who wrote a book about the princess being ugly? Definitely not. Thats because there isn’t a story like that. You never hear of an ugly princess. Think back to all the books you read when you were a kid, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and all the other princess stories; they were all beautiful. Not once was there a fairy tale about an average looking princess or even slightly only on the weird looking side. And in all those stories they have the most perfect body size, and all the beauty to match. But this causes girls from a young age to want to be just like that, to change themselves to look more like that, to get their bodies to look like that too. But the message I want to give to little girls is that, nobody is perfect, nobody has the perfect image, and that you’re perfect the way you are. No changes needed. Thats the main reason I want to become a make-up artist. To make girls and women all across the world feel better about themselves. I would stand out from all the others, because I would play up their natural beauty, not trying to make them look transformed into somebody else. I want to make women feel good about all the beauty they really have. Like with me for example, I have big apple cheeks with a round face, instead of trying to make me look different, I would try to focus on my cheeks, by adding less make up everywhere else, and using blush and shimmer powder to draw more attention to them.
So thats what I would show them, I would show them that they have all the beauty right there, but your just blinded by the image you have planted in your head on how you think you should look or how you think society wants you to look. I want to be the one to tell them just how beautiful they really are, and make them truly see it for themselves as well as me and everybody else.

The reason I feel so passionate about it is because I never felt like I was beautiful as a kid. I always felt like I never looked good enough. Or that I didn’t come close to how I was suppose to look. I only felt this way was because of kids teasing me about being ugly. Teasing me about being fat. Teasing about having a round head. Just teased in general. So I turned to dark heavy make-up and dark clothing to try to get away from all of that. To try to hide behind it, to cover up what I actually look like, try to be somebody else. But that didn’t work, just made it worse, which got me feeling terrible about myself, the way I face looked, my weight, and how people thought of me. So I never really thought of myself as beautiful, or even pretty. That went on up until high school. Something kind of shock me out of that, something changed to where I was done feeling that way about myself. So I decided to do something about it, I dyed my hair blonde, I did my make-up pretty instead of dark, and I changed the way I looked at things.

So this lead me to wanting to make girls every where across the world feel better about themselves without having to go through all of that. To just feel better about themselves even at that young age all the way up to when their golden years. My goal as a make-up artist is to show women everywhere that they don’t need to change themselves, its society that needs to change, and that they already have all the beauty they need.

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