February 27, 2012
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One week had already passed after the accident. I felt lucky because something more serious and hurtful could happen. I wasn’t really scared from this incident because such things happened to me frequently. By the way, this one was the worst.

The incident which took place in Armenia happened several years ago in summer. I guess I was about 8 years old. My friend and I still remember that day as it was yesterday. My friend’s name is Bob and he is 2 years older than me. We always used to hang around with each other. We have had tons of adventures together and a lot of fun days.

Bob and I loved to climb trees. One sunny day we were crawling on a tree as usual. There was a very small bread store that was very close to the tree. The small store had been abandoned for a long time and was useless. We did anything we wanted to the little bread house. We decided to jump on the store’s roof.

“Lets jump on this roof,” Bob said. I asked myself in my mind if I should or should not.

“Okay, you go first” I said.

As I said, my friend was two years older than me and it was very easy for him to get on the roof. Bob successfully jumped on the roof and it was my turn. I jumped on the roof, but my foot stayed on the roof for only one second. My foot slipped and before I could understand what’s going on I fell down on my back from eight feet height. I had fallen many times before this incident happened. One day I had fallen on my two knees so hard that my knees had to be put in plaster. However, falling on my back from eight feet height was insane. By the way, the worst part was when I saw a huge rock next to where I fell. It could be fatal for me if I had fallen on that rock.

I did not want to tell my mom because I knew I was going to get in trouble. I would get in trouble because my mom didn’t let me climb trees. Anyway, I had to tell her because I had gotten many wounds. When I got home I showed my wounds to my mom, but told her another story. The story that I told her first was really stupid. She definitely didn’t believe me so I had to tell the truth. My mom didn’t get that angry and I was kind of puzzled for that. Instead, she put medicine on my wounds and told me not to climb trees anymore. Two weeks later my wounds disappeared.

This incident didn’t really scare me and I was climbing trees again couple of weeks later. However, I understood that not listening to my parents might be crucial. As I grew up my interest about climbing trees changed. I do like climbing trees, but not as much as I used to before.

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