Pay Attention

February 27, 2012
By Anonymous

I knew I was in trouble when I saw my mom and dads face.

It was a nice day when I called my friend over to come over and play with me. My friend told me that he had to ask his dad if he can come over to my house. I told him to call me back for the answer. When his dad told him that he can come over I was happy because I haven’t rode bikes with him for a long time.

When he came over the first thing that I did was I asked him if he wanted to eat. For the first time he said yes because he always say’s no. After we finished eating we went to go play outside and we were going up and down hills for a long time. After we got tired we saw a shady spot and we rode up to it. We saw a cat right when we were about to sit down. We chased the cat until it jumped over a wall that was to tall for us to climb over. We walked back to check on our bikes and it was a good thing that the bikes were still there.

We rode back to my house so I can ask my mom if I can go to my friend’s house. She told me to come back at 8:00. We rode up to my friend’s house and when we got there we played a game called “ Skylanders.” When we finished playing his dad cooked us egg and rice. As soon as we finished eating we played Yu Gi Oh. I won the match and I as soon as I won the match I thought I had to do something.

What I soon realized was that I was late to go home. It was 9:30 when I started to ride home as fast as I could. When I rode down the hill I started to go to fast but didn’t care. All I cared about was I was late and I was going to get in trouble. Then I saw a car coming when I was crossing the street. The car stopped right before it was about to hit me. I was so glad that I wasn’t killed.

When I got home I got home I knew I was in trouble when I saw my mom and dad face. That night my mom told me that I couldn’t play outside for a month. All I could do was read and study.

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