Fear of the D.D.

February 27, 2012
By Jackberman BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Jackberman BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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My eyes open weakly and I push myself up.
“I wouldn’t do that that Jack.”
“Why…why not.”

It all happened three and a half hours ago. I got up off my couch with the coils squeaking. I was really bored on my normal Saturday and today I needed some fresh air. I headed out the door not bothering to tell my mom where I was going who happened to be the only person in the house.

I walked down the block where the not so rich people lived, but good-looking houses. Then onto to the main street, pass the mobbed 7 Eleven, which a young boy with acne climbing up and down on his face, working at the counter. He was dropping all the items the customers handed him, glancing at his boss each time he did so. I was also thinking of my first job. Then I walked on to the side street, pass Mrs. Berthas house who just had the new born twins. Taking in the warmth of the fall day Saturday and started to walk up and down blocks and I was semi conscious of where I was going.

The bark of the D.D, Dangerous Dog and sometimes called the Devil Dog, brought me back to my senses. I was paralyzed in mid step and looked to my right. There it was the house of the D.D. A few years back I remembered hearing a story about a boy name J.B.W. Nobody knew his name but this is what everybody knew him by. What happened was he was playing ball with his two best friend who also went by there initials P.H.B and F.G.H. P.H.B and F.G.H were on one side of the street and J.B.W was on the other side. The ball hit a trash can and went onto the front lawn of the D.D house and J.B.W went to go get as soon as he got the ball D.D was out and he got bit by him and moved the next day. I looked at the house. It felt like it was one of the houses that had the black crows circling it, but this really had black crows circling it. “RUFF,” SNAP! The dog was loose and I was bolting up the block and hurdled myself around the corner to go to Billy Homes house and he happened to be outside. He saw me then the Rottweiler and took off but not into his house but to me. We were both eye to eye, his bulging brown eyes and short brown hair. Then I started to slow down.

“DON’T STOP!” Shouted Billy
I sped up to him and shouted back.
“SHUT UP!” because I was annoyed and had other things on my mind.
I remembered I didn’t tell any- “OOOOWWWW” The dog bit my calf and blood oozing out. I jumped into Tom's backyard and Billy right behind me, his pants catching the fence. Billy got Tom’s dad Jim. They drove me to the hospital right away. Now a couple months later I remember John Whatts telling me who J.B.W was and Billy’s dad Fred telling me who F.G.H was and my dad, Peter, telling me who P.H.B was. Finally I knew that my friends and me are kind of like legends like our dads.

Even though I was still terrified I realized that I cant be scared of Life I mean life really is just one big game LIFE.

The author's comments:
I have worked very hard on this piece. It was fun looking back on my neighborhood memories but some were terrifying like the one i wrote about.

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