McDonalds Runaway

February 27, 2012
By Kevin Herrera BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Kevin Herrera BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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It was a hot and sunny day my friend and I we were watching TV. We had a craving McDonalds, our stomach were crying “Give us some food please”. Next thing you know that McDonalds was just a block away from my house.

So we made a plan, I thought that this plan would work and go great. My friend and me walked silently out of my room without our parents noticing. We ran as fast as we could out of the door, but we forgot that I had no money to buy the food from McDonalds. We walked up the stairs to my mom’s bedroom, I heard my mom getting out of her room so I told my friend to
“Stay here for a couple of seconds until my mom went away.” So we speed walked to my mom room (my mom room was as big as 3 rooms combined). My mom’s purse was so heavy that I can barley carry it, I got $20 from her purse after that we ran as fast as the wind. We heard my mom’s footsteps heading to where we were. Friend and me hid under the bed until my mom left the room. Just to let you know my mom took mom screaming my name almost a 1½ hours. We feel asleep under the bed! Thank god that my mom finally left the room, we got out of the bed. We blasted to the front door and we stood there for a couple of minutes to catch our breath. We walked to McDonalds, when we got there we ordered what we wanted to eat, after that we looked for a table to sit. I have to say when we finished eating I felt like a balloon floating in the air. We left McDonalds we hear my mom.


At that split second I knew that I was going to get smacked so hard that my face is going to turn red. After that I went to my bedroom and cry until my lungs came out. From this experience, I learned that to asked my mom to got to McDonalds if not I will get hit in the face again.

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