Stolen Candy for Video Game

February 27, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a normal, warm, average day for us boys to hang around on the streets of Los Angeles. Some friends and me were so bored because there was nothing to do. Then in one of the neighbor’s house, we saw a commercial through the neighbor’s window and it was advertising a new video game that all of my friends, including me, wanted it so bad but we all didn’t have any money to buy our video game. So then we were all thinking of a plan to make our money for our video game.

After a few minutes of thinking of our plan, we were going to start a business that we are going to steal candy from the candy store. This business reminds me of one thing I did when I was a young child that was similar like this but I stole school supplies to buy candy. So we told everyone to go late at night, like around 7 to 8 p.m., everyday, wearing dark clothes so that the security cameras can’t see our faces. Everyday we would all bring a bag or more of candy to our headquarters (a.k.a my house), to sell the candy to other people at school.

Every time I went home with a lot of money, my mom keeps telling me, “Where do you get all of your money?” and I tell her that I do community service for the other neighbors. I always lie to my mom and I start to act suspicious around her and seemed to notice my behavior. She starts to investigate after I left the room and I hear her say, “What is wrong with him because he has been acting weird for the last few days.” “I will find out what he is up to if it is the last thing I do.”

After a few days, I’m all over the news because I was considered, “The candy thief” and I was all over the news and my mom notices me on the television screen and she said, “Your in big trouble Robert!” By that point I knew I was in trouble. “ But mom, it was my friends idea!” I really hope that my mom buys that lie.

The next day, my mom made me pay back all of the money to the candy storeowner that all my friends and I collected. My mom didn’t let me go anywhere alone like to the store or even around the corner for three months. Once I got home, I was grounded for two months and it felt like the rest of my life. I knew I was going to regret it from the start I heard it to the end.

I had learned that it is wrong to steal things that aren’t yours because punishment can come and stab you in the back.

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