The Runaway Puppy

February 27, 2012
By Matth BRONZE, South Gate, California
Matth BRONZE, South Gate, California
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One warm sunny day in the city of South Gate, my sister and I were just getting out of school my mom was waiting for us as she was in her new red Toyota Camry with our new puppy Zoey. Zoey was in the car jumping trying to look out of window. My mom had bought us McDonalds that she had ready for us to eat. As we walked up to the car we opened the door to get inside. I helped my sister get in through her side I then went around the car to get in through my side. I hadn’t noticed that she moved from the front to the back so as I opened the door that’s when it happened.

My dog ran away I told my sister “Don’t cry I will go get her.” I then started to chase her I noticed that my backpack was holding me down so I decided to drop it. My mom was then behind me, I thought to myself is she helping me but then I saw he pick up my backpack and put it in the car. So I was all on my own. My dog then ran into a public street with the smell of pollution, the face of angry drivers, and the sound of honking horns I then had to run into the street after her. We were lucky enough to not get hit by any cars. I wondered to my self “Will the call the police for what I am doing?”

Then I decided to chase her back to where my mom’s car was. I called my mom to tell her the plan .So as I was able to see them, my mom on the left and my sister on the right, I began to run faster but then I noticed the other door open and I tried yelling out but I was out of energy. I used sign language because my mom understands sign language but she was barley able to my hands so I then stopped when I was at the car and told my mom “Why did you leave the door open?” my sister said “Sorry my fault.” I then began running again so my mom and my sister were on the other side of the car. I was then coming in as I was 5 feet away from the car I started to slow down then I was finally at the car and the dog was running into a trap she then was finally in the car.

Then the police arrived due to many complaints. They asked me “So you were the boy that was running up down streets that were filled with cars and jumping over fences into back yards?” I answered “ But for a good reason my dog ran away and I didn’t know what to do.” They said “That doesn’t matter you went into private property without permission from the owner.” My sister then started to cry and said “ I love my dog so much when she starts shaking I cover her with a warm blanket, when she gets hungry I give her bacon or any food we have around just not chocolate, if she sites they and looks bored I start to play with her.” The officer then started to tear up and said “oh ok fine she could stay and your brother to.’’

I learned from this experience that if I am to enter the car that to see if the dog is there and if she is I am to open the door slowly and fit through the tight space. I can also distract her with her favorite “toy”, a sock.

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