The Time I Got Lost

February 27, 2012
By , LA, CA
It was a hot summer day. I was bored and didn’t know what to do. My sister Karla (who is very patient) amazingly couldn’t stand the heat. We were both complaining on how hot and bored we were. So my mom asked, ”Would you two like to come with me to the pharmacy to pick up a medication?” We both quickly got up and headed for the door.

We got there very quickly because it was near my house. When we got out of the car I couldn’t wait to go inside it was hot outside and they probably had an air conditioner. When we go in I see an aisle full of books and magazines (I love to read). All the books and magazines marveled me as I passed down the aisle. I knew my mom was going to be at the pharmacy so I didn’t have to worry. My sister came along with me. I was so happy because I had finally found a small and cheap version of Twilight. I went to go show my mom.

When we got to the pharmacy we didn’t see my mom anywhere. My sister and I were frantic we didn’t know what to do. My sister asked, “What do we do now?” I suggested we go look for my mom. We looked everywhere and couldn’t find her. We felt like giving up and go ask for help. We decided to look in one last aisle the books and magazine’s aisle. My sister headed toward the aisle we had been before. There she was as red as an apple. I could tell she was mad. Turns out she was had been looking for us too. That day my sister and I learned our lesson that it’s best not to wander off.

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