Trapped in the Baby Swing

February 27, 2012
By Cate Austriaco BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Cate Austriaco BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Our play date was so fun, there was that one problem that turned our day around. Lets just say it was one of my worst, but I still laugh whenever I think about it.
My friend Brianna and I were going on a play date together at her grandma’s house. Because we didn’t live near each other, her grandma lived two houses down from mine. Brianna and I were best friends from pre-k to kinder-garden. We like to play with our Barbies and dress up. Her little brother Joshua would bother us and ask us to join him in when he sees us playing. We wouldn’t let him play, so he would tell on us, but their grandma gives us privacy. She was very generous.
On this one particular play date, we met up at her grandma’s house once again. It was the first week of summer vacation and we haven’t seen each other since the last day of school. We already missed each other. We ate rainbow colored popsicles to warm us up. Then came Joshua who wanted a popsicle too. We leave the kitchen and head outside to the backyard. The backyard was our personal playground, only we can play there. Though it sounds kind of selfish. Her grandma had recently rebuilt the house. Well she didn’t rebuild it by herself of course. The backyard was a little bigger than the last time I visited.
We pushed each other on the slide then sat on the swings. We talked about our memories at school, but it gets awkward and boring. Joshua comes up to us.
“Can I play with you? Please?” He asked.
Brianna declines, but I don’t say a word. He goes back inside the house. Then Brianna gets an idea to play tag. I was ‘it’ and I had to catch her. We ran around the backyard a bunch of times. We got tired and we went on the seesaw. We sat for a moment until Brianna stands on top of the seesaw. It looked dangerous. She could fall! But then she carefully climbs her way to the rail that attached the seesaw to the swings. It became an obstacle course. She makes her way though the obstacles and asks me to try. I do so, but then my foot slips into a baby swing. Brianna stops climbing and looks at me.
“Are you okay?” She exclaims.
“Yeah, can you help me up?” I said.
Brianna tries to lift me up off the swing, but my body couldn’t fit through it. I was scared if I couldn’t ever get out. I started to cry because my legs were getting sore. Brianna just stood there, worried. Joshua comes in and finds me stuck in the swing. He laughed, and I felt embarrassed. He goes back inside the house, calling his grandma over. Brianna goes inside too, leaving me alone for a while. All three of them come out to help me. Even though they tried pulling and lifting me out, it still won’t work. Suddenly, we hear a doorbell ring. Their grandma goes over there to pick it up. To my surprise, it was my mom. I was so embarrassed when my mom saw me stuck in the swing. Brianna’s grandma comes out the backyard with a screwdriver in her hand. She screwed out the screws one by one. Finally, the swing came apart and I was free. I was so happy! I couldn’t stand up for a second due to my sore legs, so my mom carried me. After all that commotion, we went back home, happy and free.
From this experience, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be doing dangerous stuff like that. You can get hurt or injured.

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