Backyard Adventure

February 27, 2012
By Luiss BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Luiss BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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It was a week after a warning sign was put up along with more fences and gates, when I came home I made it seem as if I was a robber that just snuck into a house. One day the sun was shining and it was hot, I decided to find out what was on the other side of the huge wooden fence, my sister, my friend and I all made a plan to jump over and see for ourselves what was on the other side.
I was older than my friend by a year but we were both 9 years old at the time when we decided to go on our mini adventure. My friend was a bit chubby with his stomach almost popping out of his shirt and he was a chicken because he was to afraid what would happen if we got caught he thought his parents would kill him if they found out or if someone from the building saw us and took us to our parents. After a few minutes we he had decided just to stay but, my sister on the other hand was gutsy and was older than me by 7 years so in this mini adventure she was 16 years old. We made a plan to use the trash bins as a ladder to jump to the other side.
The building was a retirement home with about 30 windows on every side. We had no choice but to go silent like in the Mission Impossible movies. As we leaped over the trash bins and the fence we crawled our way because there were windows on the wall very low to the ground and we didn’t want to be seen. Once we were all the way at the backyard of the retirement home there was a shack that looked like a barn. We were curious. We wanted to take a peek inside just to see what was in there but right when we had opened it but someone yelled “HEY!” well so much for trying to be sneaky. As fast as we could we ran out of there and out through the drive way we left.
We went back home catching our breath and eating some chips. We went back to this retirement home like about 5 more times and all those times we got caught. More warning signs were put up along with fences and gates. After that we never went back. From this experience I learned not to sneak into peoples or buildings backyards.

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