Stolen Gnomes and Broken Legs

February 27, 2012
It was a hot summer day in sunny Los Angeles, the sun was boiling. My cousin Marybelle came over for the weekend. She lived in East LA, she was eight years old and I was six. My parents were on a business trip with my little sister, and my grandma was babysitting.
We were watching T.V. when I said, “So, would you like to buy a gnome?”
“A gnome?”, “Why would you want a gnome?” she said with a confused look on her face.
“Well, I hear they have magical powers, and grant three wishes.” “So, would you like one?” I said with an eager look on my face.
“Sure, why not.” She said.
“ Ok, then we are going to get one!” I said.
That morning we made a plan on how to get one, since we didn’t have money we had to take it. We said that we were going to go to my neighbor’s house and grab the gnome at around 6:00 pm. My neighbor’s were out of town, and there dog was at the groomers. Also my grandma would begin to iron at 6:00, and when she irons she gets real focused and doesn’t really care who’s around her. She loves to iron its like her hobby. The plan was almost perfect. Hours passed with nothing to do, but sit around and play with dolls. The time had come it was ten minutes to six, so we got ready and told my grandma we were going to play outside.

We left the house and crossed the street we got to the house opened the gate and went into their garden, which was in at the back of their house. We had found the gnome and I was picking flowers, when “CRACK!” I hit my leg on a heavy rock. My leg was broken
“ Are you ok?” Marybelle yelled with a terrified look on face.

“ Of course I’m not ok!” I said with tears in my eyes.

She helped me up, but I couldn’t walk. Hoping was my only option, as we arrived home with the gnome and flowers. My grandma was waiting for me with an iron in one hand and a shirt in the other. I went inside and told her what had happened, but the pain in my leg was killing me. I had to get to a hospital quick. We got into her car and left and when we arrived to the hospital I was rushed in on gurney, after hours in the hospital room my parents finally arrived. The doctor said I was going to be fine, but I did have to spend the night in the hospital with my mother by my side. When we all got home the next day Marybelle’s mother had arrived to pick her up, she had no reason to stay I couldn’t play with her anymore.

“Grandma are you going to tell them?” I asked with a terrified look on her face.

“No, but I cant promise you Marybelle’s mom won’t” she said.

My leg eventually healed, and my parents found out, I got grounded for a two weeks. Now I know never to steal again, or I might end up with another broken leg.

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