Dog Bite

February 27, 2012
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I remember when my hand was soaked in blood dripping all over the ground as I ran into the house. It was one sunny day at my house; I was with my two small cats Milo and Nova. They were two dark gray cats that I was playing with outside on the grass. While I was on the grass the gate was next to me, which was wide open. My friend Jesse, who had been my friend for two years had coco brown hair, I guess she had been living there before me because she was like three years older than me. One house separated us and we would always meet to ride our bicycles. She had a dog, a german shepherd. I didn’t know its name since; I had never asked her what it was all I knew was that it was gigantic. I had always seen her dad walk it. Her dad was a strange man. The man had a heavy mustache with grease stains all over his shirt wearing sunglasses. That day he was walking that big dog. But, the only thing was that it wasn’t on a leash. Every time I saw him walk that dog it had never been on a leash it only has a collar on.

I ignored the dog and continued to play with my cats. I was petting their soft fur, when Milo had started to meow loudly then came to Nova started to meow as well. They kept meowing so loud. I started to think, should I leave them here to get eaten by the dog or should I stay to protect them. The dog was nearby so I kept trying to make them quiet. I decided to close the gate but, I changed my mind the dog was halfway up its not possible. I tried anyways but I got one side closed. As I tried to close the other side it got stuck as I kept trying to pull. It didn’t work though, I was about to get up and leave with my cats when I heard the dog coming, and it’s collar dangling moving side to side. It was huffing and puffing. My cats were scrambling and scratching me as they saw the dog coming.

As the dog was running towards me as fast as it could, my cats jumped in the air and ran, as I watched them sprint, tumbling in the leaves into the backyard. The dog is now facing me, staring, giving a mean look. I looked around as I saw a stick. I slowly pick up the stick as the dog barks at me. I freeze in position and the dog approaches me slowly as I back away. I was about to chase it away when it charges and attacks me and bites my right hand. My hand is now soaked in blood and dripping all over the concrete. I was in so much pain. Even with the pain I break the stick into many pieces.

I started to throw it at the dog but it didn’t work. So I got closer as threw it at it’s legs and hit the dog once. I kept doing that and dog whined and ran away. I didn’t want the man to know I did that so I quickly close the other side of the gate. I pulled it so hard that the rock to keep it still flew out. I got the hose and wet the gate to show no blood. Then, I quickly ran into the house to clean off all the blood. It was clear back then that I would never leave that gate open again.

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