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February 27, 2012
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Ideas come in all shapes and sizes, there are big ideas, small ideas, bad ideas, and great ideas. Where do my ideas come from? They come from my dreams and desires. I have ambition to to accomplish many things in life. My ideas are ways to achieve that life goal. I love thinking, because most of my thinking is passionate and wonderful. I could daydream for hours on end about everything good in life.

dwelling in past chapters of your life is a waste of thinking, because those ideas already happened. I come up with ideas about my future, my dreams, and adventures that will change my life. I think about what is good and how to make it better. I think about the people who I’m surrounded by and why i like or don’t like them. I take the traits from those people and compose them into a character. What is currently happening in my life can turn into a story in any setting or time period. I just have to let my imagination go free. I can change whatever I want and my desires flow through my brain down to my hand and it comes out on paper.
As thinking is one of my favorite things to do, I can never escape my thoughts and ideas. They are unstoppable, impossible to flee from, and uncontrollable. My personality is very upbeat, as are my ideas. I love the ideas that make me feel a rush, and if its realistic, I cant wait to make it happen for real. I fantasize but the reason my ideas are not fantasy is because one day I want to live those ideas. I want to experience everything I imagine from traveling and exploring the world, to learning how to train dolphins. Not saying that I want to train dolphins, but that would be pretty cool. My point is that my ideas reflect my desires to be happy and live a fulfilling life.

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