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February 26, 2012
Have you ever gone onto a teenagers Facebook page and seen a status saying “I want to be your favorite hello, and your hardest goodbye,”? I have every day. What I don’t get is that every goodbye is hard on people in their own ways. Saying goodbye to friends can only mean until tomorrow. But, saying goodbye to a sick loved one might mean forever. Everyone has different feelings on goodbye and my hardest goodbye was leaving my home in Orange Park to move Ocala. It also taught me one of my greater lessons.

Even though it was almost five years ago I remember it as if it was yesterday. We’d always moved around a lot due to my father’s job. But, this time was different. My mom had been contemplating this move for weeks. No doubt was I angry when I found out I had to leave everything I’d ever known. My friends, my school and my town. It was completely heart breaking, for everyone.

I got picked up at 12:45 in the afternoon. Right after lunch and right before recess. When we pulled up to my house. I read the numbers to keep them a memory. My home, well, at least it was. My brother and my uncle were putting the last of our stuff on the moving truck. I walked in the house and stood in my empty room. I began to cry, the pale white room with green and purple trim would never be filled with the colorful letters and pictures from my friends. Soon this life would be nothing but a memory or a dream lost into the bottom of the abyss I call my mind. My mom walks in and said almost time to go. Running outside I go next door and say goodbye to the only two kids home on the whole block. My FCAT writes buddy they assigned me, and her little brother. I asked my mom to wait until school got out so I could say goodbye to my best friend but she said I can call her later, it was time to leave now.

The car ride was saddening. Looking out the window as we got on the interstate knowing this wasn’t just a day trip and I wasn’t coming back brought tears to my eyes. I watched as everything I’ve grown to love rolled away in the distance. Knowing my father wasn’t making this move with us hurt more. In 2 hours, I’d be living in Ocala, going to school in Belleview, and waiting on the next move. To the ten year old little girl I was, this was the end of the world. I’d have absolutely nothing to look forward too. But, to the more mature girl I’m trying to be, it was a new opportunity as my mother had said. So, I just sat in the car and let every last minute here soak in.

After what felt like forever, we reached Ocala. There were tons of trees, just as we all remembered from our trips and days down here. “It’s like going camping every day,” My mom said. It’s going to be ok… I said to myself. Turns out we bypassed the forest and went towards the city. I hate the city so I slumped back in my seat and said, “I thought we left the city for more room?” When my mom said just watch we drove right through Belleview and into Santos.

Pulling up to the new house was awkward. But, this house was new. Only been built for 7 months and no one has ever lived in it. I shuffled in and looked around. Not that big. Just enough room for us three. My brother once again called the better room. Too bad it was the smaller one. I took a right down a hallway, opened my door, and saw my new bedroom. Welcome home was my first thought.
I’d start school on Monday, May 5, 2008. After staying home for a week I needed to be back to school starting my new life. My life as the ‘New kid’.

My hardest goodbye was leaving Orange Park, but it was a better lesson I’d be able to carry with me that stays in my heart slowly mending the pain. ‘Change is good, don’t push it away but, don’t revolve around it.’ Moving here gave my brother and I a chance to start over new. It gave us a chance to discover who we are. Today I’m glad I moved here. I’ve met some amazing people, gone to an amazing school, planned my high school career and made Ocala my home. Now if you asked me where I wanted to move, I’d say no where until I graduate because Ocala is my home. It has my friends that I call family. It has everything. It gave me a chance to a new life and I’m thankful for everyday I have it.

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