You will always be there, in my heart.

February 23, 2012
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When we first met on the first day of school, i thought nothing of the fact, i thought it was a regular day. You showed me to my first class, and i though you and i wouldn't really even talk to each other. Over a few weeks, we started started talking, and we became friends. As time past, we were really close (best friends in fact). I began to realize that my feelings for you become really strong, i literally thought of you every day, and you were the reason i even wanted to get up every morning. I wanted a relationship, but i knew it would never happen. We became so close to each-other. Then, you told me something, something that haunts me to this day. What HE did to you, ill never be able to forgive him for that. Now, i want to kill him for what he did to you. About 3 weeks ago, you gave me a note asking me if liked you. I said yes, you told me two things that i was shocked to hear that day, that you want to date me, and that you love me. Last week, was another thing i would have never expected to happen, we started dating. It's officially a week for US now, and i just want to say, i will always think of you, i will always be there for you, i always love you, you were my first true love and best friend, and even after we break up, i hope we can still be best friends. Even if were not, ill still always have you, cause you will always be there, in my heart.

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