The Look

February 22, 2012
I had just walked into the cafeteria, and there he was, standing a foot above everyone else. My heart stopped even though I didn't want it to. Time slowed down and the corners of my vision blurred, nearly blinding me from anything else. I forgot everything; my past, my future, everything. My whole life began to orbit around that one pivotal moment. The world was only him and I.

And he was looking at me. With a look of pure- I
can't even explain it. For days I had avoided his eyes, his glances, his smiles. It was incinerating me from the inside out, my heart evolving into a fiery tornado. I had wondered if it had hurt him, as much as it was hurting me. The look in his eyes told me the answer. It tod me how much I had hurt him, how much he missed me. Of how much pain he had went through, knowing that he had hurt me. Of how much he'd trade all the time with his angelic girlfriend for some with me. But, most of all, the expression on his face screamed one sentence above everything else:

I love you too.

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