February 22, 2012
By , Homer, NY
Have you ever had the feeling where you know something is wrong but you can’t tell what it is? I hate this feeling. My life has been in pieces ever since my best friend got her real first boyfriend. You can think this is selfish of me, but I hate them as a couple. They always exclude me from stuff. Like earlier this week I had my best friend over. We had a good time until her boyfriend came over. She just stopped hanging out with me and just sat next to him and watched TV. They held hands, instead my best friend talk to me verbally, she TEXTED me. How wrong is that? I had her over to have fun over winter break, of course her boyfriend lives on the same street as me.

That same night he broke up with her. He blew at me, let’s just make that clear. So I texting Leah after she had left. Then Adam (her boyfriend) texts me and says he’s breaking up with her. I told him not to, believe it or not, but he said to late. Then I texted Leah asking if she was OK, she said she was. I took in a sigh of relief and then texted Adam saying he had made a mistake. They had broken up before and gotten back together, I wasn’t sure if that would be the case this time. I textting him when suddenly he just starts getting all emotional. I hate seeing boys upset so I tried to comfort him. He was saying how he got her all these nice gifs for Valentines Day (most of them were made of paper) and how she got him a stuffed dinosaur that was ripped. He was saying how she didn’t care about him in the first place, how they didn’t spend any time together. I thought that was crap, they seemed to be doing fine until now. So naturally I took Leah’s side.

He kept going on about all the crap like before. I finally stood up. He was blabbing on about Valentines Day and I old him that Rom (the dinosaur) was a gift from Leah’s heart, it might of seemed like a random choice but Rom meant something to Leah and its not like the necklace you gave her meant anything. She was upset not to have Rom, and you found the charm to the necklace in your house. Then when I was almost done telling you off Adam you got ticked and wouldn’t take it anymore. He started telling me that my crush hated me, and that he thought I was weird. Adam has hurt me physically, and mentally. Now he’s begging for my forgiveness. I’m posting this not because I needed to I could’ve kept this bottled up inside for a long time. But I’m posting this because I need someone to help me figure this out, I just need advice. Thank you.

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