Story of An Amazing Friend

February 22, 2012
Dear Rachel,
When I first laid eyes on you, I felt my heart skip a beat and praising God for leading you in my direction. At that football game back in 8th grade and you were in 6th. I talked to you hung-out with you. In my heart when I first met you, I knew you'll be the one for me, my best friend in the whole world. I could not ask God for more than giving me you. I thank God for being me to you and you to me that Friday night. Hanging out with you on the outer rim of the track was the greatest moments of my life. I thank God for laying my eyes upon your sweet beautiful face. I'm glad that I laid my eyes upon you, I love you.
Some people would say that I've found love at first sight, I disagree I say God happened in my life. I give all the glory and praise, I thank God for bringing us together. We've grown closer as best friends since that time we first met. I end this by saying thank-you God, thank-you for bringing Rachel into my life.
Give all the glory and praise to Lord our God.

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