My personal elixer

February 20, 2012
By Anonymous

As I came in my house after shoveling, I collapsed on the couch, and lay there thinking. I thought to
myself, “Why do I have so little energy?” Then I had an idea, I had to find a pill or a drink to sustain my
energy throughout the day. As if to give an old person extra life, to give them energy and a means to
keep on living. So, the next day, I made a cup of Earl Grey tea, after an hour, when I didn’t feel much
more energetic, I tried a cup of loose-leaf green tea imported from China. When this still didn’t work I
just decided to give up and leave things as they were, to leave the balance of things…balanced, as it
were. As I continued on E the rest of the day, I thought about going to karate after supper, and about
how I’d probably mess up a few times with the low amount of energy that I had.

It was after supper, and I was on my way to the karate dojo when I passed a coffee shop. “Oh, there’s
an idea!” I thought. “Why not try coffee?” So, after waiting a few minutes to get my coffee I proceeded
to walk the rest of the way, with the would-be-savior-in-a-cup, to my destination. After arriving at the
dojo, I quickly drained my coffee, and got changed into my gi. The class started, and time flew by. Just
when I had started to feel warmed up, my Sensei rang the bell for us to line up, thus signaling the end of
that days class. “It’s already over!?” I thought to myself. Then I realized that it wasn’t to myself when I
noticed the whole class staring at me. After that, when we still hadn’t “bowed out” I looked over to see
my sensei’s wife heading towards us with as obi (karate belt) in her arm. “Oh! who’s getting
promoted?!” I wondered. My wonder turned to amazement when he called my name. I stepped
forward, as is the custom, and received my next belt. Since then I have taken a cup of coffee to karate
every day, I can now put my “all” into karate, and in doing so am able to be on par with higher belts for I
am the only person at my level and am also one of two high-schoolers that go to my dojo. If I ever fail to
bring coffee to class on any given day, than I end up angry and impatient with any and everyone, which,
given the faults of my personality, could end very badly. Most likely, I’ll end up on the floor with a few
broken bones…at best that is. So, although it may be very cryptic, one point that I’d like to draw out is,
One you start drinking coffee it’s hard to stop (I get headaches when I don’t have it) and the fact that
everything has repercussions whether good or bad everything calls for something of equal value,
whatever that may be. Everything comes back to you, If you have something like coffee and 100% goes
to 150%, than something else will go from 100% to 50%, just as if you strike down with a bo-staff the
other end will come up. If you put some thought into it than you’ll come
to understand the meaning of these last few sentences.

The author's comments:
This is a most recent experience, and I don't suggest you follow my footsteps.

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