ME and YOU

February 18, 2012
By Anonymous

ME: I'm lost, and I feel alone. Like I need a friend, but I don't know how to find one. You can call me M.

YOU: I need a friend, but whenever I make one. It just doesn't feel right. . . You can call me V.

ME: I feel the same. . . I don't want to give away her first name, so you can just call her J. I had a best friend once. . . Now, I'm alone. . . she said that I wasn't paying attention to her, I was constantly interrupting her to talk to another friend. I think she was right.

YOU: I'm sorry. . . I had a good friend once. You can call her E. She was always getting knew friends, and then leaving her old ones behind.

ME: Oh, well I feel terrible now. When I was in first grade, I kinda took J away from one of her friends, which you can H. We met fighting over a spongbob puzzle. Finally we worked things out, and we put the puzzle together. J was born in America, but her family was from Brazil. When we were in first and second grade, we would play a game called Poor Land. It was where we pretended to play as maids, and we were sick and tired of our mean boss, bossing us around. We would pretend the sings were airplanes and fly away from the mean boss.

YOU: Cute, it sounded like you had a real fun time. I haven't always lived here. I just moved here, and I really didn't want too. I had a bunch of friends at my old place. One was from China, and it was funny because I could hardly understand her, but I still loved hanging around her. She was a good friend, and I miss her immensely.

ME: That would be hard. But at least you have made new friends here. I'm really glad were friends. I'm kind of glad I'm not as close to my original best friend J, then I probably wouldn't have met you. It probably would have changed my life drastically!

YOU: I know! I could hardly imagine what my life would be without you! Including our other friends which you can call: Er, Je, and Mo.

ME: Yeah, I think the haunted house that we went to really brought us more to best friends. Well, I guess I couldn't say I have one best friend, I have a lot of best friends like Er, Je, and Mo. All that I am lucky to have.

YOU: I feel the same. It's so fun just to be able to talk. I love sitting at the lunch table at our school. I can't believe that Je still had the nerve to throw raisins at me! YUCK!

ME: Ha ha! I remember that! We called it: The Raisin Wars. She set a raisin on your shoulder and you screamed when you noticed it! We almost got in trouble by the lunch moms.

YOU: Yeah, I think we should talk like this again. It's a great way to express your feelings. Thanks for being a great friend M.

ME: Your welcome. And thanks for being one of my best friends, I don't feel so lonely anymore. . .

The author's comments:
This was all true. We did have a Raisin War. It was fun, and we always have to be on watch to see if Je has brought a raisin box for "a little snack." I hope you liked reading this, and please comment. :)(:

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