Former Love

February 6, 2012
Dear Former love,
You know you hurt me. And maybe, somewhere in depths of your unconscious heart, you think that I hurt you too. Maybe the innocent phone calls overwhelmed you, or maybe the way we kissed made you feel alone, even though i gave you all i could. I loved you with every cell in my fragile being, but maybe your friends told you otherwise. Maybe my reputation, my dishonoring reputation, made you think twice. Maybe none of these accusations are true. Maybe that love was real. Former Love, I know you better than any girl on this earth, I know how you feel. I know about the constant conflicts in your mind, those that cause others to judge, to call you insane. I know that deep within you, you yearn for goodness, and even deeper, you yearn to love, and be loved in return. I hope, former love, that you obtain that someday. You deserve it.

Your Former Love

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