Devin: First Boyfriend

February 5, 2012
By writerchicka PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
writerchicka PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
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It was three years ago. I was in eighth grade, he was in seventh. We were in the same after school program. I'd only known him for a week, or maybe two, but I loved him. Not his looks, really, but his personality... his energy. He was all I could talk about.
I blurted all my feelings out on paper and handed it to him during lunch that Tuesday. Ten minutes and 12 seconds later, he sent it back to me with just one word scribbled on: yes.
I couldn't believe it... I was ecstatic. I was head over heels. I had visions of a white veil and of sharing cake in the future.
It was a typical junior high relationship. We talked. We held hands in the hallways. We said "I love you" on a regular basis... but that was it.
It lasted a month and two days. The last day of school came. I was ready to be in high school, he was ready to be an eighth grader. We signed each other's yearbooks with "Love." And we never spoke again.
I'm in tenth grade now and live in another state. I still think of him,not harshly, but kindly. He was my first boyfriend. He led the path for a couple of others. He'll always hold a special place in my heart.

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