I Can Feel the Happiness in the Breeze

February 15, 2012
By cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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The sweet earthy breeze from outside trickled through the window and danced through the room. It provided a chilling comfort of inner and natural peace, a sensation of complete equality with the world was bestowed upon me as this glorious autumn breeze tantalizingly swept across my entire being, bringing cool intensity to my soul, a soothing intensity equivalent to triumphing in battle for life.
The pure beauty and rigid intrigue of life resides in the small things. The things that make you feel at one with the world in harmonious equality.            These seemingly random and irrelevant natural phenomenon, are my own personal respite from the cruel earth with has spawned from centuries of tribulation in society.
After intent personal observation and many lifeless years, I conclude that lude feelings of sorrow and dispair are emotions of defaut. Happiness is merely a measurement of how well you overlook the sorrow in the world. . .

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