"Life is like a box of chocolates..."

February 15, 2012
By Andrea Leung BRONZE, Hong Kong, Other
Andrea Leung BRONZE, Hong Kong, Other
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"Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you're gonna get..."
-Forrest Gump

Life truly is full of surprises, you can try to guess what you'll receive but you'll never know until you get a taste of it.

I watched this movie around a year ago, and the quote has been in my mind ever since. Chocolates have that marvelous fragrance that is so seductive you can never seem to stop your fingers from picking one up and shoving it into your mouth. The bittersweetness of this dessert is simply addictive, the slowly melting chocolate creates such a warm feeling of giddiness and happiness it just makes you want so much more. The taste of the chocolate stays in your mouth for a while even after you've swallowed it, taunting you to have more.... But however tasty, it fades away, into mere words of praising that simply cannot mimic the sensation one feels after eating chocolate.

Whenever you experience emotional and you have that moment when you're filled with such strong emotions you just can't stop it from running in your mind, then the urge to feed it and nurture it, the craving of more strong emotions to remind yourself that you're alive and have feelings, it's just like the way chocolate evokes your addiction to its ability to trigger our brain to produce endorphins... it fades away slowly. No matter how slow it ebbs away, it does, gradually leaving your mind to only remember the sensation, without the whole emotional experience and the rashness and the urges, just the facts of what had happened and what it might have felt like.

In my opinion, the chocolates represent thing that happen to us and how we have reacted in the past. Experiences, whether tragic or satisfying, all look the same on the outside, but what the chocolate might truly taste like or be made of will never be known to us unless we try it. Once or twice you might come across a 85% cocoa chocolate which only fills your mouth with this hell-like aftertaste that's so resilient it fails to be washed away with water, but it's like a valuable lesson you've learnt, you know you'll never eat that chocolate again. It's also a kind of challenge, to know your own limits by trying to push further and to seek pleasure in knowing that you can, in fact, learn to appreciate the bitterness of such "chocolates" in life.

I have to admit I'm afraid to try new chocolates, especially those that are known to me. I'm afraid of the surprises that are hidden within this shell of luscious, delicious chocolate that could taste bitter or rotten, or perhaps heavenly and "finger-lickin' good". But what I know is, if I don't try any, I might miss the chance of having to choice to choose which one I'll eat, plus life might just force feed me something worse anyways, so why not instead, get to choose for yourself?

The author's comments:
Life truly is bittersweet like chocolate, equally addictive and deadly.

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