Catching A Glimpse Of Heaven

February 4, 2012
I took a walk along the shore with the sand squishing slowly through my toes as the cold breeze sifted through my skin blowing my hair; I inhaled every single particle of it. While I was looking to the sea, the rest of the world just slipped away with the waves, however the smell of the water and the feeling of the soft delicate sand were relaxing enough to make me forget about my worries.

As I stood still the waves brushed away the sand grains underneath me, my feet printed a mark, a mark that couldn’t be erased just like when someone leaves a print in your heart; in that one moment I remembered all my childhood memories and how I was thrilled to be at the shore when I was a little girl, making sand castles with my father, things that couldn’t be removed from my heart; I looked at the waves and how it danced to take the sand away and flashed back to when I danced on these golden tiny particles while the warm breeze carried me to the water. Suddenly a wave crashed in with a thump, sending cold spray across my face. While inhaling the freshly-salted air, I listened as the hissing foam boiled about briefly before slowly draining out again. Thousands upon thousands of cobble stones were displaced by the flow, and they rolled with the water, clapping against each other like a distant cheering crowd. It rose in pitch until another wave thudded against the shore.

I wanted to jump in, let the waves move me along its delicate dance routines, suppress me and make me feel that I'm not the only thing that matters in the world, that I'm not alone; but I couldn’t, the weather was cold, though a few drops of summer still lingered in the air. The sand was a shimmering expanse of endless white, cushioning the oceans eternal arrival. Just as I sat down my mind started to unwind. The many spectacular sights jumped at my eyes. As far as I can see there is turquoise water in front of me.
The sound of the water was like music. The waves hit the sand and moved back making a sweet melody and the rustling of leaves, also the small orchestra of birds are amazingly soothing and relaxing…everything made me illusion that I’m in a whole new world. I bit down my tongue, closed my eyes and I lied down on the sand; it was cold underneath me, but it was somehow comforting. I looked up to the sky and saw the bright moon illuminating the sky and shining like a large quarter in the expanse of navy blue above me; the stars covered the whole sky like a blanket around it. I wonder if I’ll have the courage to stay while the glowing warmth is replaced by silvery tones.

I closed my eyes and smelled the salty humid air; as the tide hit on shore, the spray of water splashed on my skin, refreshing it was. I felt like as if I had drunk a glass of cold water on a hot summer day, and it drove the worm of sleepiness out of my mind. The salty air blowing on my face felt wet and cool as it passed by; taking a deep breath, it was the unique smell of sea coming with this blowing wind flow into my nose. How fresh and special the smell was, it left me with a deep memory.

Everything flashed up to me and I knew this wasn't going to last forever, in this moment I knew that I should open my eyes and face reality; suddenly the cold rough wind blew at me, made me shiver. I didn’t want to leave this amazing heaven, it was soothing how A breeze wafts across my cheek, it is not really a breeze so much as it is a waft of disturbed air.

I sat on the cooling sand watching the seagulls walking along the shoreline, laughing at their antics as the waves lap at their feet, hoping that I could freeze this moment and never wake up. Here I don't have to worry about anything, it wraps away all my stresses; it takes me into nature, as if I’m a part of it. How beautiful the view is! I felt like in dream, in paradise.

I looked at the sparkling sea, as the sun began to rise with its shining rays that hugged the sky and gave it warmness and I smiled, the perfect seal of the horizon begins to break revealing the gleaming crown of the sun - a new day has begun- . My worries disappeared as the crystal water touched my toes, its cold soft touch echoed through my body. The tide was so slow and delicate in swallowing the sand beneath my feet; I hardly noticed the small fish in this glass like water edging further and further. The dawn was very breath-taking painting the water with the reflection of reddish yellow tones brilliant pink and orange that spread across the sky. As the colors swirled together in a muddled mass across the sky, I took a long breath, closed my eyes letting myself absorb the glistening rays of sunshine, smiled and continued drifting along the shoreline, taken in by the soothing atmosphere that encircled me.

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